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Helping people live more fulfilling lives

I’m Dr Raj Tanna. I’m a leading Psychiatrist in Perth bringing local and international expertise in Psychiatry and Psychotherapeutic medicine to my practice, including early intervention of mental health.

I help adults 18 years and older to manage and heal from ADHD or ADD related issues.

As a family member of people with mental illness I understand the complex needs for recovery. The core of my approach is individualised care to create positive lifelong change. My work is driven by a belief that every person has the right to mental wellbeing to realise their own abilities and the right to ethical and high-quality care.

Throughout my career I’ve improved, modernised, and led award-winning community mental health services in Perth and London. I’ve led several initiatives to reform service cultures and improve the quality of individual care, including as Head of Services at Joondalup Community Mental Health and to Western Australia Country Health Services.

For more than 17 years, I’ve been a Consultant and Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists and an accredited member of the Faculty of Psychotherapy. I’m also an accredited Mentalization-Based Therapy Practitioner with the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families in London.

I completed my primary medical degree from University College London and a Bachelor of Science scholarship specialising in cognitive neurosciences, including research with American-British neuroscientist and Nobel laureate John O’Keefe. I’ve trained psychiatrists to enhance the practice of individualised care, including reforming how medication is prescribed. I’ve held academic posts at the University of Western Australia and the University of Notre Dame.

Perth Mental Health Specialist

Here are a few programs I’ve contributed to over my career that I’m proud of :

Creating the Headspace Youth Early Psychosis Program – Perth

As Senior Advisor to Black Swan Health in 2014, I was heavily involved in the planning, service design and development of the Headspace Youth Early Psychosis Program in north Perth, a world-first model of early intervention and specialist support for young people. I collaborated with Headspace and Orygen, the world-renowned National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health.

Supporting People with complex mental health issues – Peel Rockingham and Kwinana

In 2013 my team provided innovative community treatment for adults with highly complex mental health and social difficulties. We used more integrated approaches within the community. In only six months, hospital stays reduced by 40 per cent. This program won a prestigious Good Outcomes Award from the Mental Health Commission of the Government of Western Australia.

Improving Early Intervention in Psychosis – London

In 2005, I helped develop a comprehensive care service for Early Intervention in Psychosis based on local and international evidence. Creating person-centred programs, we helped dramatically improve individual access and recovery. I then became an advisor on a leadership committee to introduce this service in all London boroughs. The service was cited in the Health Service Journal as an exemplar of innovation.


Work With Me

Treating Adult ADHD

Life shouldn’t feel this hard‘.

It’s a struggle I often hear from people presenting with ADHD in adulthood. If you feel this way, you’re not alone. More adults live with ADHD than you might realise — up to 60 per cent of children with ADHD suffer from symptoms as they get older, resulting in difficulties in many aspects of life. Life can feel more easy. I’m here to help you to thrive again and feel your best. Read my article in Medicus, a WA medical magazine: A focus on ADHD in Adults

What is Adult ADHD?

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It can present with or without strong features of restlessness. Individuals have an impaired ability to inhibit and regulate attention, behaviour, and emotions, often resulting in impulsiveness, procrastination, distraction, and poor organisation. ADHD can also often present with depression and anxiety features, areas where I can offer expert guidance.

How does someone get ADHD? 

Most adults diagnosed with ADHD will have had some symptoms during their childhood. Complex genetics play a leading role—Adult ADHD is 70 per cent heritable. Other factors play a role like environment, or problems through prenatal development. Rather than focus on the cause, which can’t be wholly pinpointed, we can focus on the solution to help you start feeling better.

Will ADHD be lifelong?

ADHD can present as a lifespan disorder. If left untreated, people can suffer poorer, lifelong outcomes. With treatment and medication, where necessary, the disorder can be managed to embrace your strengths and interests. Remember, you’re not the disorder. You have a unique personality to cherish. We work together to help you thrive.

How do I know if I have ADHD?

The first step is to complete the adult self-report scale ASRS to assess signs and symptoms—it’s short and easy. It screens for how often symptoms are present in your life. The second step is to book a review with your GP who can refer for specialist assessment if indicated.

Neuropsychological tests aren’t required before an assessment, since they don’t screen for ADHD. They cannot establish a diagnosis of ADHD. Diagnosis can only be made through a detailed clinical assessment by a mental health specialist. After assessment, I can advise if further testing is required to aid interventions.

Work With Me

Healing is about finding the right approach for you

Each person is unique. We all have our own specific needs. We communicate in our own way.

I collaborate with you to develop a recovery plan that best suits your mental and emotional needs and what’s happening in the context of your life, including relationships, work, interests and aspirations.

When we feel vulnerable our spirit can start to weaken. I integrate psychotherapeutic and psychiatric approaches to help you focus on your strengths, so you can feel more connected, hopeful and optimistic in your personal recovery, change and growth.

This individual integrative approach may include aspects of lifestyle and nutrition to lessen the use and doses of medications when needed.

The key personal principles that lead my practice include compassion, honesty and respect. I believe in providing high-quality, expert and ethical care involving:

Mental Health Professionals In Perth


I listen to people’s wishes. I recognise and value each person’s vulnerabilities. It’s not always easy to share what we feel and experience. Vulnerabilities are important to acknowledge and work with, because I see first-hand how they can become areas of growth to cope and feel better.


I walk shoulder-to-shoulder through a person’s recovery. Sometimes this journey can include working with other professionals including counsellors, psychologists, ADHD coaches, general practitioners or another specialist, who we can involve by recommendation.


I’m one part of a person’s journey. Mental wellbeing is a broader community endeavour that includes the strength and support of families, friends and others. When needed I work with an individual’s supports to ensure people have someone who will listen and guide them through their concerns.


How I Can Help

Services to treat Adult ADHD

Receive leading expert support

I provide the following services where a referral is deemed suitable :

  • Detailed specialist assessments with feedback for you and your GP
  • Second opinions
  • Ongoing care
  • Expert advice and consultation to community service providers, organisations and employers. I have substantial leadership expertise in service planning and design, quality improvement and change, governance, and supportive frameworks including debriefing

Book a private consultation based on your convenience:

  • In-person
  • Online via Telehealth video conferencing / Skype from your computer or smartphone
  • If you live in a rural and remote area, Telehealth appointments are subsidised, so you have reduced out-of-pocket expenses

Due to commitments and referral volumes, service availability can at times be limited.

I’m unable to provide assessment for people who are suffering from issues of risk since there is a long wait period.



The symptoms of Adult ADHD are significantly under-recognised, despite being commonly understood in childhood. Many adults are living with ADHD and mistake the symptoms for a stressful life. Some typical signs can include: procrastinating, losing focus, feeling distracted, restless, and irritated. Being hyper focussed in some tasks, impulsive, and forgetful. Trying to organise, prioritise and arrange everyday things becomes increasingly stressful, at home and work.

You’re not alone. You can lead a more fulfilled life through individualised care. I’m passionate about providing high quality, individual and holistic care to make life easier for you, your family and friends. I don’t believe in a one-treatment fits all approach. I only prescribe medication as needed and specific to an individual’s circumstance.

Read my recent article A focus on ADHD in Adults, to learn more.

Throughout my career, I’ve also worked with people experiencing a range of mental health issues including anxiety, depression and stress-related problems which can be associated with ADHD. I understand and empathise with how challenging life can be living with Adult ADHD


If you or a loved one are having difficulty with deteriorating mental health or risk issues, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or contact the Perth Mental Health Emergency Response Line on 1300 555 788 or present to an Emergency department.



  1. Complete the Adult self-report scale ASRS to assess your signs and symptoms.


We’re closely following developments re COVID-19 and impact on patient care.



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